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Wrong Turn is the last film that receives the remake treatment in Hollywood. Familiar IP has become a popular element in the modern landscape, both on the big screen and in the small one, as the studios seek any type of advantage in the fight for the audience. The line of thinking, which is often correct, is that any form of familiarity will have an advantage in the competition, rather than attract audiences on board with something entirely new. Now, the long-term terror franchise is willing to abandon its continuity in favor of a new takeover.

According to a new report, original creator Alan McElroy is ready to write the screenplay for the new version of Wrong Turn, with Mike P. Nelson (The Domestics) on board to direct. Constantine Film is behind the remake. Beyond that, there are few precious details available, nor is it clear how advanced the process of developing the film is. However, the report notes that John Papsidera (Jurassic World) is on board to broadcast the film, which indicates that they are already thinking about who could be the star. Therefore, it could be something similar to a reality at this time.

Alan McElroy, who wrote Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, as well as Spawn, Tekken from 1997 and, more recently, the episodes of The Vampire Diaries, wrote the first Wrong Turn, which theatrically premiered in 2003. The horror movie , which focuses on a family of cannibals in West Virginia who take advantage of innocent victims, starring Eliza Dushku, Jeremy Sisto and Emmanuelle Chriqui. It became a modest success at the box office, raising just 30 million dollars worldwide. But at that time, the home video market for horror movies was bigger than it is now, which influenced its success.

Since then, the franchise has flourished to include five direct video sequels to the home, including Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort, 2014. All movies feature the Three Finger cannibal. It is not clear if this new version will also feature the low profile horror icon, but the new version is described as a “topical meditation on society and its problems” that sees a hiking expedition between an inclusive society that operates under a single rule of law. Spoiler alert; they probably eat people Producer Robert Kulzer of Constantine Film said this about the project in a statement.

“Alan’s reinterpretation of his own work and Mike’s vision are a frightening reflection of our current world: a person’s American dream is someone else’s worst nightmare.”
The remakes are not only fashionable at the moment, but Marquee Studio Horror is having a moment and, depending on how it turns out, could benefit from both trends. Or it could simply be a cash draw. It’s too early to say. At this time, the new version of Wrong Turn does not yet have a release date. We will make sure to keep you informed as more details about the project become available. This was reported for the first time by Deadline.

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