Spider-Man’s besthdmovies – Black Stealth Suit Revealed in Far from Home Set Photo?


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Peter Parker’s furtive outfit could have been revealed in a new image of the Spider-Man outfit: Away from Home. A steady stream of photos from the set have made their way online since production began in England, but most of them have been Tom Holland’s as Parker along with other cast members in different parts of Europe. Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are still waiting for confirmation of who will be the main antagonist in the film.

The last image of the Spider-Man set: Far From Home presents what appears to be the Stealth Suit when Spidey clings to a Ferris wheel. The photo is quite dark, but it seems that Peter Parker wears the iconic black suit of comics while spying on someone. Even in low quality, it is easy to see that there is something different with the color scheme of the suit.

The Stealth Suit was first introduced in comics as a way for Peter Parker to fight the sonic cries of Hobgoblin. The high-tech suit is capable of distorting the sound and light that surrounds it, which also makes it invisible. As for how Parker would have access to a technologically advanced suit, it could have been a gift from S.H.I.E.L.D. to help in a secret mission. Nick Fury, of Samuel L. Jackson, and Maria Hill, of Cobie Smulders, are in Spider-Man: Far From Home, so it could have been them who had given Parker his new Stealth Suit. However, the new suit has not yet been officially confirmed at this time.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is currently filming in different places in Europe. Last week, the cast and crew were in Prague and the photos of Tom Holland and Zendaya leaked online. The two were walking the streets at night, while a separate team was organizing an explosion scene on a river. While nothing specific about the story was revealed, a possible relationship between Peter Parker and MJ was pointed out, since they were the only characters involved in the shooting.

The Stealth Suit would be a good addition to Peter Parker’s arsenal, so let’s hope that Spider-Man: Far From Home ends up using it at some point. The sequel will hit theaters next July after the Avengers 4 events and MCU fans wonder how Peter Parker returns from death after the conclusion of this year’s Infinity War. There are a lot of fan theories circulating online, with new questions popping up every week. Having said that, Marvel Studios does not really offer too much voluntary information about their projects, leaving their actors to filter possible spoilers by accident. Tom Holland has quite noticeable loose lips, so we could end up getting secret information in the near future. You can see the image of the possible Stealth Suit below, thanks to the Instagram page of Daily Spider-Man.

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