New “Halloween Besthdmovies” Photos Bring a Pistol-Packing Laurie and Plenty of Screams


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Autumn is in the air, and you can practically try the fun-sized candy on your tongue. Halloween is just around the corner. Both the holidays and the new horror sequel to director David Gordon Green and co-writer Danny McBride, were delivered with the help of iconic director John Carpenter and original star Jamie Lee Curtis. Today we have some chilling photos of the cast.

Here, we can see the whole cast in action as they shout, kick and get weapons to face the infamous slasher killer Michael Myers. This latest Halloween film erases all previous sequels, serving as a direct continuation of the original 1978 classic. Laurie Strode has been waiting more than 40 years for Michael’s inevitable return, and this time the mom who prepares the gun is ready to get revenge.

Laurie and Michael will arrive at their final showdown in this suspense novel regardless of their seat. The film recently premiered at TIFF with a standing ovation, which Jamie Lee Curtis responded by shouting: “Happy Halloween, Mother F * ckers!” to the crowd In this new version of the long-running terror franchise, we get Laurie who has been tormented by the memory of Michael Myers for years, as she narrowly escaped being killed by her huge kitchen knife.

A British documentary team has arrived to visit Michael in prison. They are doing a retrospective on the maniac’s night of terror. His documentary takes an interesting turn when Myers escapes from police custody, removes his iconic William Shatner mask, places it on his face and heads to Haddonfield for a more brutal murder business. He wants to end Laurie once and for all. And in doing so, it accumulates an impressive body count.

They also star in the film Judy Greer, who plays Laurie’s daughter, Karen, and Andi Matichak, who plays Laurie’s granddaughter, Allyson. Nick Castle repeats his role as the ominous Shape for a select cameo of the film. James Jude Courtney will do most of the heavy lifting like Michael Myers.

In the pictures below, we see Rhian Rees as Dana, screaming her head. She is one of the members of the documentary team, who experiences the wrath of Michael Myers first-hand. We also see Will Patton as Officer Hawkins, while investigating an abandoned bus that once contained the late Michael Myers.

These more recent images also feature director David Gordon Green as he visits the tombstone of Myers’ sister, Judy. We also see Green dating his co-writer Danny McBride, who is taking a short break from comedy work to put a real fear in all our hearts with the new Halloween. These images come from Universal Pictures. So far, most critics are digging this new version of the myths of Michael Myers. We will have to wait until October 19 to see it for ourselves, but it should be one of the biggest box office hits of this fall.

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