Judge Tosses DeLorean Widow’s “Back to the Future besthdmovies” Lawsuit


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The widow of John DeLorean made her demand for Back to the Future be rejected by a US District Court judge. UU The DeLorean is one of the most emblematic cars that have been produced and only about 9,000 were manufactured. However, the Back to the Future franchise changed all that by presenting the sleek and futuristic car in the movies and promotional material. Since then, the car has become a piece of history, which means that the DeLorean family should still receive some copyrights. However, there was a legal obstacle that the family failed to capture in 2015.

A Texas car company uses the name DeLorean and they are not affiliated with John DeLorean at all. The automaker’s widow insists that the Texas company has been illegally accepting Universal’s Comeback to the Future rights in recent years. The original agreement was made in 1989 between John DeLorean and Universal Pictures, which gave DeLorean and his family five percent of the net receipts for any marketing and promotions that included the vehicle.

In a 2015 settlement agreement, the Texas-based company was allowed to use the name and trademarks of DeLorean. Sally DeLorean insists that the company was illegally accepting Universal payments, but the US district judge did. UU., José Linares, ruled that the 2015 agreement included the rights of Return to the future, although the agreement does not explicitly state those terms. The judge dismissed the case and sided with the Texas DeLorean company, which has just won a pretty big case. However, since the original agreement does not specifically mention universal rights, Sally DeLorean will likely try another lawsuit in the near future.

John DeLorean was a well-known engineer and executive in the automotive industry of the United States during the 60s and 70s. Throughout his career, he managed the development of a lot of popular vehicles, including the Pontiac GTO race car, the Pontiac Firebird, the Pontiac Grand Prix, the Chevrolet Cosworth Vega and the sports car DeLorean DMC-12. DeLorean split up to do the DMC in the early 70s. However, the incredible delays in production meant that the car did not reach the market until 1981. The car never reached and destroyed DeLorean’s company after it failed to recover the $ 175 million in investment costs.

The DMC-12 was doomed from the start and John DeLorean’s cocaine bust for $ 24 million in 1982 did not help much either. It was not until the launch of Back to the Future in 1985 that the DeLorean became a car to buy. Since then, the car is a cult favorite and can still be seen on the roads today. DeLorean passed away in 2005, but his memory lives through his unique designs and engineering choices. But, it seems that, due to a gap, your family will not see more money from Universal Pictures and the rights to Return to the Future. You can read the entire judge’s ruling, if you’re interested in that kind of thing, in Document Cloud.

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