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Andres Muschietti is currently filming TI: Chapter 2. Screenwriter Gary Dauberman says the conclusion of the sequel will be “heartbreaking.” The film is taking Pennywise the Dancing Clown back to Derry, and it will correspond to the adult version of the Losers Club to carry it out. The first film took some liberties with the original material of Stephen King and it is believed that the sequel will follow his example, which could be what Dauberman refers to in his recent comments about the end of the film.

In a recent interview to promote The Nun, screenwriter Gary Dauberman was asked about some specific details of IT 2. Obviously, Dauberman could not reveal much, but what he said is quite intriguing. The screenwriter was asked if the sequel was going or not at the end of the book, which he could not answer directly. He said the ending “will satisfy the audience and maybe break their hearts a bit.” He also stated that the history of IT 2 is a “complete story”.

The end of Stephen King’s IT could be considered “heartbreaking” in the way that children grow into adulthood, learning about relationships and how they change, while observing how fears become reality. However, Andres Muschietti and Gary Dauberman could have made the decision to kill an unexpected member of the Losers’ Club, which would be heartbreaking and also a bit controversial. SPOILER ALERT! It is already known that Stan committed suicide at the beginning of the film, which was revealed in Comic-Con, in a scene that follows the book. And then there’s Eddie, who is mortally wounded during the climax, which takes place both in the book and in the original miniseries. Facing one of King’s most iconic novels was, and is not, an easy task, so the big changes will be viewed with skepticism by fans for a long time of the original material.

When designing the script for IT 2, Gary Dauberman points out that it was a real challenge to present the adult version of the Losers Club 27 years after the first chapter. Dauberman had to devise a way to reintroduce the characters that the audience loved when they were children and then add the element “this is where we are so far away”. For Dauberman, it was a fun challenge to reunite the group now that they are scattered across the country and he adds that it is exciting to see where each of the characters is in his adulthood after defeating Pennywise in the first film.

Jessica Chastain interprets the adult version of Beverly in IT 2 and recently finished all her scenes, which was celebrated by director Andrés Muschietti. Now that Chastain is finished, it is believed that the rest of the cast will also be involved in the coming weeks, which means that the sequel advances at the scheduled time. The long-awaited sequel is going to have a bit of pain, but it’s also going to be incredibly scary, according to Muschietti, who says viewers should wear adult diapers when the movie is released. All this sounds incredibly promising for fans who expect to see the conclusion. You can read the rest of the interview with Gary Dauberman at Slash Film.

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