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The latest advancement of Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween was released last week and many expected to finally announce Jack Black. However, the trailer did not come out in that department. Instead, the studio decided to reveal Black’s participation in the sequel in a new 30-second TV spot. Black was seen as a key ingredient to the success of the first film and many thought he would not appear in the sequel because he had not appeared in any of the previous promotional materials.

In addition to the last trailer release of Haunted Halloween, last week he also revealed the initial box office predictions for Goosebumps 2. He was on track to earn around $ 14 million on his opening weekend, which is much less than the $ 23 , 6 million who made the first film in his debut. The inclusion of Jack Black at this time could be seen as a way of trying to attract more people to the cinemas to increase the first weekend box office numbers. It also takes out the lid of an important secret cameo.

When Goosebumps 2 was announced for the first time, it was revealed that Sony was working on two sequels, one of which involved Jack Black and one that did not. As we did not see the name of Black attached to the sequel nor saw it in any promotional material, it was thought that the study was the cheapest route to do without the actor, who already had programming conflicts due to The House with a Clock. in Its Walls, which just hit theaters last Friday and earned the number one spot at the weekend box office, which brought more money than expected. This is probably the only reason why we see that Jack Black’s cameo was spoiled early, to get meat in the seats.

Sony was able to find a way to involve Jack Black with Goosebumps 2, but it is unclear where in the movie it will appear. As it seems, it seems that RL Stine, Jack Black, appears at the end in helping save the day, which means that most likely he is only in the last part of the movie. Whatever the case, this is great news for fans of the first installment who expected to see Black return to the series.

Now that that secret is out, it will be interesting to see how Goosebumps 2 does it during its opening weekend compared to the initial box office estimates. The inclusion of R.L. Stine by Jack Black in the last television spot was a wise decision, but it would have been an even better idea to have had it in the last advance of the film, which focused on the evil Gummy Bears. Goosebumps 2 seems to be even more terrifying than the first installment, although some have criticized the trailers of the sequel for not having the charm of the original. You can judge for yourself and watch the latest TV spot that presents Jack Black below, thanks to the YouTube channel of Sony Pictures Entertainment.

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