Deadpool besthdmovies – Creator Believes Ryan Reynolds Will Have a Long Career in the MCU


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Disney has not yet closed its purchase of Fox’s multimedia resources, but the deal is getting closer and closer, which means that the X-Men, Fantastic Four and Deadpool franchises will be under the control of Marvel Studios before we know it. That has caused many questions. Specifically, the way Disney, a family company very PG / PG-13, will handle the Merc With a Mouth. Creator Rob Liefeld is not terribly concerned, as he believes Ryan Reynolds has a long future ahead of him in the Marvel universe, even after the merger is complete.

Rob Liefeld, who created Deadpool, as well as Cable, Domino and a series of characters for Marvel Comics, recently appeared on Wizard World Comic Con in Austin. During a panel I attended, he was asked about any information he might have regarding the future of the character once the merger was completed. Liefeld made it clear that this was only his opinion, but he had this to offer the room full of fans.

“This is my theory, my opinion … Did you see when Josh (Brolin) appeared on D23? They introduced him as Thanos, he came out and he looked like Cable and the internet exploded.” Josh Brolin as Cable just arrived on stage! ‘That was my entire Twitter account. And you saw Josh, who looked like Cable and even cut his eye because they were filming Deadpool at the time, and I was like, ‘Oh, look, Cable is on the screen promoting Thanos’. And that was the first time they mixed on the screen. Imagine the Disney show they bring to everyone, [Robert] Downey Jr., [Chris] Evans, all the people they’ve seen, [Chris] Pratt. then Ryan Reynolds walks on stage. I think the world will explode because that’s the only thing that people want, is that he gets mad at everyone. And here’s the thing, my only fear is that they will never do another Deadpool. We’ll go through Marvel movies making fun of everyone. “

While Disney’s idea of ​​making a movie like Deadpool 2 seems unlikely, it’s not a company that likes to get away from money. And Ryan Reynolds has shown that there is still a lot of money to be made in regards to this character. In addition, the CEO of Disney already indicated when it was announced for the first time that they are willing to explore the possibility that films classified for category R expire.

It seems absolutely certain that Kevin Feige and the people of Marvel Studios will abandon the continuity of the X-Men in favor of incorporating these characters into the MCU on their own terms. However, with Deadpool, things get interesting. Leaving aside some cameos, he exists largely in his own corner of the universe and also has that wonderful ability to break the fourth wall. So they can find a way to keep Ryan Reynolds in the role of moving forward. Rob Liefeld continued, saying he feels that Reynolds is far from over.

“Ryan is going to have a long and glorious career in the Marvel universe, and I hope that Spider-Man is somehow there, I know it’s something from Sony, but I think that once he’s sitting there with Downey Jr., and Chris Evans Or Chris Pratt, myself? I will not know what to do with myself. “

Once again, Rob Liefeld made it clear that this is what he thinks, but has developed a good relationship with Ryan Reynolds and Fox in recent years. One has to imagine that he knows what he is talking about. If he’s right, we do not have to worry about Deadpool going anywhere, anytime soon, even after Disney takes over.

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