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Today, we share the filtered frames of Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan of the Zero teaser. The claim was supposed to come out on the occasion of Eid. But it seems that due to the stills filtered, the manufacturers have released it today.

Shah Rukh Khan took his Twitter account and shared the claim. He wrote, “Yeh lo..yeh what @aanandlrai ki taraf is … Iss baar Eid Ka Meetha bahut Tez hai For all of us and the whole team of Zero … Eid Mubarak, I love you all and I hope that you like. #ZeroCelebratesEid “.

In the preview, we can see that the Khans are stealing the thunder and how! SRK as a cuter dwarf and Salman as best male complement each other completely. The breakthrough begins with Bauaa Singh (SRK) walking towards a boxing ring in his dwarf avatar and the voiceover of Jaaved Jaaferi plays in the background, ‘Main akela hi chala tha janib-e-manzil magar. Record saath aate gaye aur karwaan banta gaya ‘by Majhrooh Sultanpuri.

Jaaved then introduces Tiger Khan, also known as Salman Khan, who makes a grand entrance after SRK. Then, Salman tells Bauaa Singh: “Kya Bauaa Singh suna hai jiske piche lagg jaate ho, life bana dete ho!”, Then they both share an aadaab and take the boxing ring with a storm if someone talks to me about movies for more than ten years, it is very likely that he mentions the Steven Spielberg Jurassic Park. It’s my absolute favorite movie and, therefore, Universal’s Jurassic Park: The Ride means a lot to me, that’s why it’s very sad to see that the attraction leaves the park. But my relationship with the trip is one more similar to Captain Ahab and his elusive white whale. In the 22 years that the trip was open, I had never had the opportunity to go to Universal Studios to see it myself. But I became obsessed with that for more than two decades. With the trip closing forever, I finally took the opportunity to greet him and say goodbye to him on the last weekend of the attraction.

Upon hearing the news that Universal Studios would close Jurassic Park: The Ride after the Labor Day weekend, in favor of a trip to the Jurassic World that will open next year, I began to plot a plan to get to California and finally from my wish list I am not one of those who repent if it can not be avoided. If I had not done this before the ride died, it would always have bothered me. It’s easy to make excuses not to do things. Life gets in the way. But when there is a clear deadline and an end point, it is surprising how quickly one can make something happen. Life finds a way, so to speak.

Many people have a favorite movie. But some of those movies have something in the real world that you can experience. You probably can never travel back in time and see what it’s like to be among the dinosaurs. Nor am I going to be a ridiculously rich billionaire who can make a crazy Disneyland, badly advised with dino themed. Jurassic Park: The Ride always represented a way to experience one of my favorite things in the real world. Armed with the knowledge that the first time I experienced this trip would also be the last time I experienced it, it only added much more meaning and weight to the situation.

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