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The terror fan Charley Brewster is convinced that his new neighbor next door is a vampire. Charley, of course, is correct. The demon even has designs for Charley’s girlfriend. In a decade full of great movies, Fright Night combined many of our favorite things: chills, emotions, laughter, a nightly television horror host, vampires next door, Marcy Darcy from Married with Children and the elegant style of Chris Sarandon. Here we will take a look at 10 things you never knew about Fright Night.

You’re too handsome, Brewster!

William Ragsdale, who had no major roles to his credit, had auditioned for Mask, losing to Eric Stoltz, before securing the lead role in Fright Night. Writer and director Tom Holland had met with several actors for the crucial part of Charley Brewster, including a guy named Charlie Sheen. In the excellent 2016 documentary You’re So Cool, Brewster! The Story of Fright Night, Holland said that he did not even allow Sheen to read, as he found him too ridiculously handsome to be credible as the guy next door. By the way, the same year that Fright Night hit theaters, Sheen starred in a movie called The Boys Next Door.

Saradon almost didn’t bite

Chris Sarandon first revealed to Fangoria in 1985 that he almost passed the role to Jerry Dandridge. As he recounted in more detail during an appearance at the 2008 festival, he told himself: “There’s no way I can make a horror movie, I can not make a vampire movie, I can not make a movie with a first … time director “. But the script was so strong that the Oscar-nominated actor decided to meet with Holland. The director agreed to make some modifications to Jerry to make sure he was multidimensional. (It is said that the secondary plot that involves Amy’s resemblance to Jerry’s old flame is one of those changes.) When Holland explained to Fangoria: “I made a promise to Chris that he would make Jerry sensual and an important man. show that side of him. ” Sarandon’s idea was that his character would see himself eating fruit. He dreamed the premise that there was a frugivorous bat in his vampire.

The Price is Right

The actor-turned-writer Tom Holland had a hit on his hands with the Psycho II script, having created the story responsible for luring Anthony Perkins, who was once apprehensive, back to Norman Bates more than 20 years after the original. This gave the capricious horror fan enough to make his directorial debut with Fright Night, a story he described as “The Boy Who Cried Vampire.” Originally, I expected Charley to look for Vincent Price. Unfortunately, Price was in poor health. The eventual character, perhaps the least courageous vampire killer of all time, was named Peter Vincent after Price and another classic horror icon, Peter Cushing. In an interview with Shock N ‘Roll, Holland said he met Vincent Price after the film was published. “He said it was wonderful and he thought Roddy did a wonderful job.”

Roddy McDowall’s input

It was Roddy McDowall’s idea for Peter Vincent to be a “terrible actor”, a jaded bluff, in stark contrast to big-screen legends like Price and Boris Karloff. “Basically, he played a character for eight or 10 films, so they probably paid him almost nothing,” he told Monster Land magazine in 1985.

“Unlike the horror movie stars who are very good actors and played many different roles … [T] your poor son of a bitch just played the same character all the time, which was horrible.”
Charlie Vincent
There is a non-playable character in the vampire video game Castlevania (N64) and Legacy of Darkness named Charlie Vincent. He is a relatively inept old vampire hunter, that if a player is not careful, he can become a vampire after not being able to subdue Dracula. Charlie Vincent is probably named after Brewster and Peter Vincent.

Low TV

When we meet Peter Vincent, he is a terror host late at night. Holland knew a little about television performance. Before his writing career took off, he had small parts in different telenovelas and even episodes of The Incredible Hulk. Vincent was actually the second paper written by Holland that McDowall fulfilled. The veteran character actor was in The Class Of 1984, directed by Mark Lester from a screenplay from Holland.

You’re so cool, Evil Ed

Stephen Geoffreys and Anthony Michael Hall shared an agent, who sent Geoffreys by mistake to an audition for Weird Science instead of Hall. But it was there that he met casting director Jackie Burch, who remembered him and got him the script for Fright Night. He read it during the filming of the teen comedy Fraternity Vacation, with Amanda Bearse. Geoffreys wanted to audition for Charlie, but of course, he was destined to steal multiple scenes like “Evil Ed”, who uttered the phrase that became the title of the fantastic documentary, You’re So Cool, Brewster. The Story of the Night of Scare In 1988, 976-EVIL, directed by Robert Englund (of the fame of Freddy Krueger) and co-starring Stephen Geoffreys, a poster of Fright Night hangs in the room of his character.

The original ending of Fright Night

Fright Night was originally going to end up with Charley and Amy kissing on the couch, while the Peter Vincent show played in the background. Peter would be heard to say, “This creepy caterpillar is Dracula attacks again, obviously, it’s about vampires, you know how vampires are, do not they? They look like that!” Suddenly, Peter would become a vampire, live television, while our heroes looked at him in horror.

The critic loved it

It is not often that an unapologetic horror movie by Heavy FX has been able to move from the convention crowd to the mainstream, both in terms of box office and criticism. While lamenting a 1985 horror mix that included what they considered “the pretentiously forced” Cat People, The Hunger, and The Keep, Fangoria declared Fright Night a wonderful exception. “[It’s] a big-monster slam-bang movie … It tells a straight vampire story, updates the premise, gives it some new twists and some laughs, and wraps it in a sensational extended climax.” A solid, spooky summer show. ” Variety praised Tom Holland’s directorial debut, as did the late Roger Ebert, who wrote: “Fright Night is not a distinguished movie, but it has a lot of fun being mediocre.” Ebert was also a fan of the Dutch follow-up, Child’s Play, which featured Sarandon in a non-vile role.

Fright Night Part III

The producers pushed the studio to make a sequel a few months before the first one had been released. Changes in the administration of the study led to the assassination of that project. Fright Night Part II finally came to light in 1989, with a different director. The movie was a bomb, but Roddy McDowall was still interested in playing Peter Vincent, as long as he could co-produce and persuade Holland to come back for a third.

By then, the rights had been for producer José Menéndez. When Holland reported the 13th floor website, two weeks before a planned meeting to discuss Fright Night III, José Menéndez and his wife were murdered by their two children. The Menéndez brothers’ trial became one of the most sensational stories of real crimes in history.

Dreamworks restarted Fright Night in 2011, with Colin Farrell and the late Anton Yelchin. The rights of 20th Century Fox, who released the live video Fright Night 2: New Blood with all the new actors in the lead roles, were licensed.

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