Arizona Besthdmovies – Review: Further Proof That Danny McBride Is a National Treasure


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Arizona is the kind of funny thriller that they no longer do. Not for a while, anyway. It’s brilliant schlock at its best, and I say it in the best possible way. It should not be compared to the works of Quentin Tarantino. It coincides more with the superabundance of crime thrillers that emerged as a result of Pulp Fiction. It is not first, not even second level. It’s like a third scam that is aligned more with Mark Wahlberg’s The Big Hit or Go in terms of Katie Holmes’ tone, than with 2 Days in the Valley or Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead. Back in the late 1990s, everyone wanted to be a Tarantino clone, and that quickly became their own subgenre. The idea was abandoned long ago, although it left some film-worthy efforts on its path of profound destruction. Arizona was born from that school, but it’s done in a classic candy-flavored style that grabs you by the neck and refuses to let go until the last second.

Directed by Jonathan Watson, who makes his feature film debut after serving as a second unit or assistant director in a number of popular movies such as 21 Jump Street, La La Land, This is the End and The Disaster Artist, just to name a few. his many credits, Arizona is not necessarily a comedy. It plays like a direct thriller, and that’s what makes it so fun. The situation is serious and continues uncontrolled in ways you will never see coming. It is brutal and bloody, with the jokes that seem to sprout from your skin in a natural way, like a pulsing scab with pus that can not be contained at all.

It is 2009 and the plot promoted addresses the housing crisis. There are probably a thousand metaphors and perfect motifs that run through their quick 85-minute run time. It could be full of jokes and internal comments, but like any Asian horror movie, what happens just above the surface is so captivating that you will not necessarily notice much of what’s under the water in that first initial sight. It is an intelligent film with a slight mask of ignorance and confusion, all caused by its main antagonist Sonny, played to perfection by Danny McBride.

McBride has always run the risk of being typecast. Many believe that his personality surpasses any character he plays, but he is always welcome. He can not escape his reputation, but that is why we love him very much. And maybe why he does not get more papers like this. He plays completely straight here as a man whose life slips between his fingers at a convenient pace. Sometimes it’s scary, no matter how the situation turns, McBride can not help but smile. It’s not his fault, the man is naturally funny, even when he delivers lines that would cut his bones in a billion fragments if someone else had done it.

Sonny de McBride is a large-eyed Arizonian with dyed hair and a bad disposition. He is in danger of losing his house. He has already lost his family, and his brilliant idea for Miami Wice (ice made from wine) has stalled. His wife has abandoned him and his son is no longer in his custody. I used to live robustly inside this great shrill façade, but that has been broken. When he’s going to face the Realtor (played by a really elusive Seth Rogen in a glorified cameo) who sold him his house, which is about to be executed, the situation turns unexpectedly and dangerously out of control.

McBride is not looking for laughter here. He comes strong, like Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees, who occasionally drops an unexpected slip. It is difficult to know if your dialogue was always in the script or improvised. There is a frightening moment when he kidnaps a girl. McBride has a bag of fast food on the poor teenager’s head. He asks her a question, she remains silent. Sonny breaks the tense moment by asking if he has found a fried potato, and the delivery of McBride is simply funny at that particular moment.

Rosemarie DeWitt is electrifying as a real estate agent whose life is quietly collapsing around her. Cassie’s husband has left her for a young and more lively woman, her teenage daughter tolerates her and, unknowingly from the start, she is also about to lose her shitty house, which creates a strong connection between her and Sonny after Cassie caught up in the man’s desperate attempt to keep his head above water after he accidentally commits a very heinous action that drives the story to places that most viewers will not expect.

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