Active Measures Besthdmovies – Review: A Spellbinding Account of Russian Interference


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Active Measures is a documentary account of Russian interference in Western democracies by filmmaker Jack Bryan. The most alarming, and according to his political opinions, incendiary charge, is the Russian effort to elect the president of the United States, Donald Trump. The term Active Measures refers to Russia’s use of asymmetric warfare. This is when an adversary attacks a superior military opponent with unconventional means. The main villain represented is Russian President Vladimir Putin. The film traces its course towards power and the goal of restoring Russia to the greatness of the era of the Soviet Union. Active Measures has comments from multiple prominent figures in the geopolitical sphere. Your accusations have merit. The connected threads are well founded and incriminating.

Active Measures begins with a historical look at Vladimir Putin. The film analyzes his family, background and meteoric rise to power. The dissolution of the Soviet Union and the chaotic consequences play a central role in Putin’s psyche. The film is loaded with images of Putin’s early days in politics. His constant refrain is the “tragedy” that happened to Russia when communism failed. But he was not a believer in Karl Marx. Putin cornered the oligarchs who ransacked the Russian company and entrenched himself firmly at the top. His desire is to see Russia recover the stature and power of the Soviet Union, not its failed ideology. The only way to achieve this return to domination is by defeating Russian rivals. Russia has a powerful army, but it would be counterproductive to involve the United States and Western Europe (NATO) in direct conflict. Putin was an intelligence officer in the KGB; then he led his successor, the FSB. He already knew that the best way to destabilize an enemy was from within.

Active Measures portrays Russia as a kleptocracy. Putin and his circle of oligarchs have plundered billions of the country. Then he participated in a sophisticated global campaign to legitimize money through the banking system dictated by the Americans. This effort is hampered by US and European sanctions, which stalls the Russian economy. Therefore, the goal was to find a way to change the political discourse in the United States. This is when Donald Trump takes center stage.

Active Measures does everything possible to illuminate the financial and personal ties of Donald Trump with the Russian oligarchs. Analyze Trump’s bankruptcies and where the cash came from to make it solvent. There are a lot of images and documents that show the link of the Trump organization with Russian money for several decades. Active Measures makes Trump, his family and his associates interact with known Russian actors in different situations. A senior CIA analyst comments briefly on the amount of Russian “smoke” that surrounds Trump. There is so much activity. It is highly credible that the Russians have some kind of influence on Trump. This is reinforced by Trump’s continued praise and admiration for Putin, as well as his unwillingness to criticize the Russian regime or support the actions of his own government.

The final act of Active Measures refers to the details of Russia’s meddling in the US presidential election of 2016. The film becomes granular in depicting the sophisticated tactics used. From piracy to a campaign strategy of wide disinformation using social networks, the Russian methodology was extremely effective. I was spellbound watching a 2016 presentation by the CEO of Cambridge Analytica, a company that used Facebook profiles to recreate the hyper-accurate data analysis of American voters. This information was used by Russian intelligence to sow discord; along with the scheduled release of pirated materials against Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump’s ardent supporters will find that Active Measures are hard to digest. To be clear, Hillary Clinton and the late John McCain are given ample screen time. His contributions to the speech can be viewed suspiciously as Trump’s political enemies. However, the mountain of evidence offered by the film can not be discarded. Trump’s own words, images, videos and judicial documents are consistent. Then you have the players in the orbit of Trump, Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates and Michael Cohen. These men had long-standing personal and commercial relationships with the Russians under Putin’s direct control. It is difficult to claim bias when all these people are now in legal danger because of their affiliations with Russia.

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